What Is a Komondor?

That’s What I said…


when my husband suggested, “Let’s get a Komondor.”

We sat in Barnes & Noble at the time, reading about dog breeds. He slid a book across the table opened to the Komondor section.  (To see a Komondor in full cords check out Beck’s Odelay cover.)

I thought he was joking.  “Yeah right,” I said, laughing.

“No I’m serious,” he replied.

A Komondor, a flock guardian, is strong willed and independent.  They require a firm hand – but not a heavy-handed one.  They are large.  Extremely large.  And…that coat!

A Komondor is definitely not for everyone.  Their coat takes a great deal of work (for one, it collects sticks, stones and bugs – wasps, beetles, etc.)  These dogs are hard-headed.  And need room – plenty of room – to stretch out.

But for us, our Komondor, Marley, was the perfect match.  Here is another photo of our 69-pound puppy when he arrived on the Fourth of July…


and the photo above is Marley with his buddy, Lucy.

To read a Marley Halloween adventure click here.

The latest story about Marley was recently released in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s “Life Lessons from the Dog.”  Click here to find out more.

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