I Can’t Believe my Cat Did That!

On a Mission


The above mugshot: Miss Skitters

Her lifelong mission: find food and devour. Onions? Garlic? Carrots? Pizza?  She never encountered a food she didn’t eat.


  • Ever hear of a cat that pilfered food from the garbage can and hid it underneath a bed?

  • How about a cat that closed a closet door behind her to secretly inhale kitty kibbles from the bag inside?


Keeping with the Chicken Soup for the Soul theme for a bit, I invite you to read, “On a Mission.”  The story details Miss Skitter’s food obsession.  It is found in CSS’s “I Can’t Believe my Cat Did That!”

Since a link to the story is unavailable, here’s the opening paragraph…

My kitten climbed my leg like a lemur. “Miss Skitters!  Get down!” I grimaced as I felt the razor-like claws. I set the bag of French fries on the table and pulled her off me. Miss Skitters’ eyes locked onto the bag like a heat-seeking missile to its target.  She scrambled.  I snatched the bag.  Miss Skitters leaped. I couldn’t believe I was battling an adorable, gray-and-white kitten.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe my Cat Did That!

  1. Do you remember when I came over to cat sit Miss Skitters? She didn’t like visitors, and she showed her unhappiness by trapping me in the bathroom, hissing at me lest I move. I seriously had to wait until she decided to wander away because I was scared to walk past her.

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