The People I Meet

Renae…She Likes to Rip Things


Meet Renae Baumgart-Rip Artist

My writing journey sometimes leads me to craft fiction.  Other days, nonfiction essays.  And many times, profiles of people.  Speaking of profiles, this statement arises when people ask about my profession:  “I bet you meet lots of interesting people.”

And I do.  And Renae Baumgart (the smiling lady above) is one of those interesting people.

This wonderfully creative, vivacious woman, whose smiles flow often and freely, has a unique occupation: she is a rip artist.  A what?  That’s what I said when an editor assigned this story.

Hint: Renae rips to create art.

Factoid: A pesky bird launched her career.

To find out more about this story – which involves Renae, one zany bird, a Victorian house and fantastic artwork – check back soon…





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