Happy Pictures

Due to ongoing tendonitis, I’m not yet able to write new stories. But, I thought I would pop up a particularly amusing story involving a blue-crowned Conure that propelled its person into a career as an artist. I wrote this story a couple of years back, and it persists as one of my favorites. It […]

Still Ripping

Renae Baumgart is still at it: ripping things to bits. Last year, I had the pleasure of speaking with and writing about the talented artist, Renae Baumgart.  These days, besides having art featured in West Michigan shops, Renae’s rip art headed North – to Aki on Mackinac Island. Recently, she started creating new miniature art: […]

Zany Bird Launches a Career

© 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers As a writer, I get to meet so many interesting people. Kalamazoo area artist, Renae Baumgart of Renae’s Rip Studio, is one of those people – with an unusual medium: wall paper.  She rips it into bits to create amazing portraits.  Of animals. Of the moon and stars. Of childhood […]

The People I Meet

Renae…She Likes to Rip Things My writing journey sometimes leads me to craft fiction.  Other days, nonfiction essays.  And many times, profiles of people.  Speaking of profiles, this statement arises when people ask about my profession:  “I bet you meet lots of interesting people.” And I do.  And Renae Baumgart (the smiling lady above) is one […]