Happy Pictures

https://www.encorekalamazoo.com/cider-and-doughnut-season With autumn in the air and donuts on the mind, I thought today’s happy pictures called for a link to a fall story. A few years back, I wrote this short story about the Schultz family – an enterprising farm family with many great ideas: think Donut Depot.

While We Search for Toilet Paper…

Let Us Remember to Give Photo Courtesy of Twelve Baskets: Pastor Dave of Connections Community Church in Schoolcraft with donations. While we are making sure that our families have enough to eat (and plenty of toilet paper for other matters!), let us not forget to give. Many individuals struggle with having enough food to eat […]

The People…Er, Dogs I Meet

The Star of Trove in Portage   Zoie, a Bernese mountain dog, has become a celebrity of sorts. Many customers who enter TroVe, a unique home decor and accessories store in Portage, Michigan, seek out this four-legged icon before getting down to the business of shopping. Of all the wonderful things that fill the walls and […]

The People I Meet

Saying Goodbye…Again   In early May, Beth Schroeder will say farewell to Gable (the handsome fellow on the right).  Over the course of 25-years, this brave lady has endured countless goodbyes.  Beth  is a puppy raiser for Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit organization that provides assistance dogs free of charge to individuals with disabilities. […]

The People I Meet

Jeannie Sanders Spices up Life – Literally Last autumn, I had the opportunity to speak with Jeannie Sanders of Schoolcraft, Michigan.  Jeannie and her husband, Leonard, own Sandershire Seasonings.  They grow their own herbs for seasoning blends, teas and artisanal vinegars – without pesticide. And boy, she has a gift for creating blends – my […]

Start to Finish – Part 3

Third generation farm family raises crops and serves them in their restaurant Dan Schultz © 2018 Brian Powers Photography How did TCBC start? Bill Schultz traveled to Europe in 2010 and 2012 and discovered a thriving hard cider business. He came home, did some homework and found a promising market. Bill proposed an idea to […]

Start to Finish – Part 2

Third generation farm family raises crops and serves them in their restaurant © 2018 Brian Powers Photography At Schultz Fruitridge Farms and Texas Corners Brewing Company (TCBC), every family member plays a key part in making it a success. Another component: communication. The family interacts everyday, discussing anything from new ideas for restaurant operations to […]

Zany Bird Launches a Career

© 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers As a writer, I get to meet so many interesting people. Kalamazoo area artist, Renae Baumgart of Renae’s Rip Studio, is one of those people – with an unusual medium: wall paper.  She rips it into bits to create amazing portraits.  Of animals. Of the moon and stars. Of childhood […]

The People I Meet

Renae…She Likes to Rip Things My writing journey sometimes leads me to craft fiction.  Other days, nonfiction essays.  And many times, profiles of people.  Speaking of profiles, this statement arises when people ask about my profession:  “I bet you meet lots of interesting people.” And I do.  And Renae Baumgart (the smiling lady above) is one […]