Zany Bird Launches a Career

Renae_PaperArtist© 2018 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

As a writer, I get to meet so many interesting people.

Kalamazoo area artist, Renae Baumgart of Renae’s Rip Studio, is one of those people – with an unusual medium: wall paper.  She rips it into bits to create amazing portraits.  Of animals.

Renae's Fox

Of the moon and stars.

Renae's Other Moon

Of childhood imaginings.

Renae's Moon

How did this start?  Her son’s bird, Bella.

“Naughty” Bella ripped wallpaper off the walls of Renae’s Victorian home.  She tore wallpaper to patch it.  One day Renae wondered: “What if I ripped wallpaper into portraits…?”

See what happened next.  Click on Renae’s story published in Encore below.  And check back next week to see the latest news on Renae.

 All Torn Up

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