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The Schultz family: Taking food from their farm..

and serving it at their restaurant.


© 2017 Encore Publications/Brian Powers

2018-10-12-Out Here_274

© 2018 Brian Powers Photography
Many are familiar with the farm-to-table movement…but how about farm-to-business-table?
The Schultz family of Schultz Fruitridge Farm in Mattawan, Michigan, does just that. At their third generation farm, they grow the fruits and vegetables and transport them to their restaurant: Texas Corners Brewing Company (TCBC).
2018-10-12-Out Here_245
© 2018 Brian Powers Photography
Throughout the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to write about the Schultz family.  The man in the photo surrounded by all of that delicious fall produce is William Schultz.  He owns the farm and TCBC along with his wife, Denise.

2018-10-12-Out Here_223

© 2018 Brian Powers Photography
How has this local, family farm continued to flourish?  Fresh ideas – like TCBC.
To find out more about this farm and their restaurant and brewery, check back for a web-exclusive story.
Until then, feast your eyes on some flavorful photos…

2018-10-12-Out Here_230

© 2018 Brian Powers Photography

2018-10-12-Out Here_226

© 2018 Brian Powers Photography

2018-10-09-Out Here_124

© 2018 Brian Powers Photography

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