From Start to Finish

Web Exclusive Story-Part 1: Third generation farm family raises crops and serves them in their restaurant



© 2018 Brian Powers Photography
On this autumn morning, Andrew Schultz approaches the picnic table at his family’s third generation farm wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with an eye-catching, candy red apple and sipping a glass of cider. It’s fitting that the general manager of Texas Corners Brewing Company (TCBC) wears and drinks this fruit. After all, it’s the logo of his family’s thriving farm-to-table restaurant and brewery, which they opened four years ago.

2018-10-12-Out Here_322

© 2018 Brian Powers Photography
Andrew attended Michigan State University, received a degree in agri-business management, and worked as a sourcing specialist a Nestle in Dallas. He returned to oversee the 21-table TCBC.
The youngest Schultz son slides into a seat at the picnic table across from his father, William Schultz. In addition to TCBC, William owns this 400-acre Schultz Fruitridge Farms in Mattawan, MI, along with his wife, Denise Schultz. Not long after Andrew’s arrival, his brother, Dan Schultz – operations manager at the farm – drives up on a tractor. He hops off and slips onto the seat next to Andrew. That Dan disembarks a tractor fits too.

2018-10-12-Out Here_239

© 2018 Brian Powers Photography
William smiles and recalls Dan as a child contentedly playing for hours with toy tractors and trucks. “That boy’s gonna be a tractor driver,” he remembers saying. “And it turned out to be that way exactly.”
Which is important. Each Schultz possess certain strengths that makes this farm and restaurant operation a success. William, who is in a managerial role, indicates that that his oldest son Bill, the farm’s vice president – currently delivering produce – does a bit everything, which “stretches Bill thin.” But Bill enjoys staying busy.

2018-10-12-Out Here_202

© 2018 Brian Powers Photography
When Bill arrives back at the farm later that day, he says, “It takes a team to make this happen – everybody is a key part.”
To be continued…
Check back for Part 2
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